C.E.O’s take on Value in Real Estate Investment

RubyLand Properties


 Charles Peter Mwangi, Valuer,

Chief Executive, Ruby Land Limited


Investing in real estate is merely a matter of locating a potentially good investment and determining how best to leverage that investment.

“I always advise clients interested in getting into this market to start early. Then, using the advantage of the opportunities in real estate, to  build their  wealth,” Mr Mwangi says.

One important thing people need to understand is that the property market is always appreciating. But it’s also important to have your investment in a place that will capture that appreciation.

“I see many people investing in  land, which is a good thing. But the  question here is, where is the land located? Are there amenities around it? How many idle pieces are there?” Mr Mwangi notes.

He adds that it is important, especially for someone investing in  land or property for sale, to be in an area where they can get real value, as well as clients, in a whiff.

“For instance buying land deep inside Kitengela will not do much for you when you are selling it compared with someone who positioned themselves and got the same size of land in Kitengela, but closer to the road and amenities. They will get more than you.  Positioning yourself properly ensures that you stay on top of the market, and  that you also reap handsomely,” Mr Mwangi says.

There is a myriad of resources available to beginning real estate investors. From your resources and connections, which include investment groups, work benefits like special mortage rates, saccos and even network of friends network. All these can be used to ease your entry into the market, minimize risks, and maximize your returns.