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You Should Know This About Valuation

You have probably come across them. It’s not difficult to identify them; they are either measuring your walls with a tape measure, trying to determine your boundaries or asking you to accompany them as they go through your house. Welcome…

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Apartments attract better returns

Ruby Land New Apartment Building

Most investors have in the past few years invested in apartments with hopes of selling but sales have not been robust, this has been blamed on security concerns. Consequently,some investors have converted use of the units into rentals for conference…

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C.E.O’s take on Value in Real Estate Investment

RubyLand Properties

 Charles Peter Mwangi, Valuer, Chief Executive, Ruby Land Limited   Investing in real estate is merely a matter of locating a potentially good investment and determining how best to leverage that investment. “I always advise clients interested in getting into…

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How to acquire and Multiply Property

INVESTING IN PROPERTY now should be on top of the list for any young person. Just like in the ’90s, when the stock market was the in thing, having your own registered title deed is a must today….Read More

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