Kamirembe Place Dream

When i met Charles the CEO of Rubyland Limited in 2010, I did not have an idea that the meeting would be life changing. I only needed a Valuation for my land situated along Ring Road Kilimani, Nairobi. Charles did more than a Valuation and requested to undertake  Feasibility Study for me. I was not sure of the feasibility since i had already settled my mind on what i wanted to do; after all everyone was doing apartments. However with his insistence i asked Charles to do the Feasibility Study which gave me three alternatives of projects i could carry but was not aware.

The study was quite detailed and informative and with this new found insight i had to ask my Architect to do away with the original idea and embrace the project recommended in the study as the most feasible. It was not difficult for me armed with the Feasibility Study to come across willing financiers for the project since most of them identified with the language of the study as well as the findings and financial projections. This is how i ended up having Kamirembe Place which is a mixed development of Office suites and High end furnished apartments. God used this encounter to change my life. I have since recommended Rubyland to five more developers who have not failed to thank me for the life changing encounters. Truly, Rubyland transformed my dreams into precious treasures.


Dr. Florence


Kamirembe Place Development