Property Management

This is one of our core services as a company where we ensure that property investors relax and are able to reap the benefits associated with their investment in real estate. As a company, we ensure that the investor gets value add in their investment. The company ensures that the properties that clients entrust to us for marketing, letting, and management are handled expeditiously and effectively so as to deliver the highest possible return and benefit. The department is staffed with professionals with relevant training and skills in the fields of property management, listings, sales and letting as well as marketing.

What do we do?

As a company we provide clients with professional management solutions that enhance investment value. Rubyland provides professional management services that cover the full range of support services required by an organization. In modern management practice organizations have recognized the gains to be made through outsourcing non-core services and functions. In providing this range of services we take the strain out of running non-core services and thereby free client’s staff to concentrate on the performance and profitability of the core business.

This ultimately impacts positively on shareholder value. Our approach begins by clearly defining clients’ goals and clarifying the diverse needs of the parties involved and upon agreeing on mutual outcomes, we agree on the most profitable and cost-effective approach. Our approach is guided by the following seven principles which are elementary to the execution of our tasks and other related functions.

  1. Always have the Landlord’s best interest at heart;
  2. Manage with the future in mind;
  3. Never promise what you cannot deliver; What you promise, Make sure you deliver;
  4. Be solution oriented;
  5. If you are unsure or in doubt, consult;
  6. Admit when you are in the wrong, that way you can rectify, otherwise you can never rectify what is correct;
  7. Be firm but courteous.

What about accountability?

We endeavour to be answerable to all stakeholders (owner, tenants and users alike) and seek to serve and balance all their requirements, optimizing satisfaction to all without compromising the interest of either party. This is what calls for clear interpretation of the property market and its prevailing but often changing trends. We do it all seamlessly. In short, we take care of all the details associated with operating a property, leaving the client more time for the work you need to do. We endeavour to be strategic planners and implementers of the big picture but taking care of the small detail. The visionary solutions we create are adding value for our clients and making quantifiable differences in their bottom line. Whatever the property management needs, Rubyland works on your behalf to provide the solutions. Our determination is to offer quality processes, deliver efficiency, customer satisfaction and proven results.

Rubyland Limited provides a one-stop shop for real estate sales and letting services, marketing, disposition, and acquisition – to owners and investors and occupiers of all property types. Before advising our investment clients on a possible transaction, we go to great lengths to evaluate every factor affecting the purchase. We use our relationships, resources and market intelligence to fully assess market dynamics, technology, demographics, and economic incentives – anything that may affect the success of the project. Our top priority is ensuring that every acquisition enhances our clients’ bottom line.

The bottom line

Rubyland works with building owners, investors and property managers to develop leasing strategies that truly enhance property value. We understand the importance of creating the right tenant mix, and we enthusiastically market your property to prospective tenants using a variety of traditional and non-traditional, technology-based marketing strategies. Our proactive approach has yielded significant financial returns for our clients – including higher occupancy rates, targeted cost controls, optimized flexibility and responsiveness, increased profits and larger shareholder value.


Our role as Property Managers includes Letting; Administration of Lease Agreements; Rent Collection; Service Charge Administration (for commercial and residential condominiums); Repairs and Maintenance; General Security; Cleanliness and General Sanitation; Administration of Statutory outgoings; Co-ordination of Provision of Utility Services; Placement of Insurance Cover; Handling tenants’/occupiers’ concerns and; Taking care of landlords’ concerns; Ensuring the grounds are kempt (landscaped areas); Ensuring other miscellaneous, but essential services including service contracts) are well run and supervised.

Repair & Maintenance

As experts in real estate matters, we relieve you the stress associated with your building repairs and maintenance. We handle this for you giving you an opportunity to cut your costs and increase business effectiveness and efficiency without compromising on standards. Our distinctiveness in repairs and maintenance is embodied in our experience as property managers and consultants on the build environment.