Chamas and Investment groups as well as some individuals often find it difficult to get started in Real estate. Given that Real estate investments involve huge amount of money , Rubyland offers training services to make sure that every invested shilling counts. The training informs investors on basics of real estate investments and the notable pitfalls to avoid.

Our trainings are tailored to meet client requirements and the client gets to choose a field of interest . they can either be on consultancy basis or classroom forums and are suitable for aspiring real estate investors, pensioners, investment groups, chamas, churches and companies amongst other groups. The most popular aspects that most of our training covers includes:-

1.Principles of Real Estate
2.Real Estate Investment Basics
3.Due Diligence / Risk Management
4.Measures of Calculating Returns
5.Real estate finance
6.Real Estate Taxation and Incentives
7.Real estate Management
8.HBU Concept in Real Estate

Other topics of interest that we train on includes: – Tenants rights, Property laws, Planning laws, Change of user guidelines, Property risks, development controls amongst others
To Book your session just send an email to or call 0734385948