Valuation & Consultancy

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. In our Valuation and Consultancy department we convert raw data into knowledge and apply that knowledge for the benefit of our clients. The valuation and consultancy services the firm provides include: Property valuations for sale, mortgage, accounts or insurance purposes Plant, machinery and equipment valuations

  1. Appraisal reviews
  2. Highest and best-use studies
  3. Market feasibility studies
  4. Strategic real estate planning

Rubyland has access to professionals who have significant expertise in the areas of strategic planning, real estate re-engineering, technology management, architecture, and, law whom it consults and engages on as-needed basis. We carry out valuations and consultancy services for other organizations and individuals with the aim of providing professional advice that is well researched and appropriate for their respective needs. We measure our success in terms of each client’s satisfaction with our services. Under Rubyland Valuation and Consultancy department we also have a full spectrum of consulting services for land investment issues. These include:

  1. Site selection,
  2. Land use analysis,
  3. Entitlement,
  4. Appraisal,
  5. Acquisition,
  6. Ground leasing and
  7. Project Management.

We partner with developers, corporations, individuals and the government to develop and execute real estate strategies that add value and help preserve wealth throughout the land development process.